September 2019 Chamber Meeting

Event Details:

  • Date:  
  • Venue: Sand Ridge Golf Course, Rushville, NE


Rushville Chamber of Commerce

Location:  Sand ridge Golf Course – On Your Marx Hosting
Date: 9/19/2019 – 6pm Social

Meeting was called to order at 6:03pm

Roll Call - 15 members present

I.    Minutes from last meeting –Kris made a motion to approve the minutes from the last meeting as send out.  Missy 2nd all approved motion was carried.

II.    Treasurer’s Report & Bills- Missy made a motion to approve treasurer’s report as read.  Sheila 2nd all approved motion was carried.  There were no bills to present.

III.    Reports from Committees / Projects

  1. a) Rushville Welcome Signs – Mel is working on grants through PADD and not date for completion at this time.
  2. b) Power in the Park (PPP) - $7,722 projected total cost for total project – Mayor is working on getting a second bid on project.
  3. c) Banner – Bids from Temple Display, The Copy Shoppe, and On Your Marks were presented as emailed.  There was great discussion as far as warranties and UV coating.  Kris with On Your Marks presented a  sample of the banner.   Chuck made a motion to go with the On Your Marks bid of 25 banners and brackets for $2725.00.  Shirley  2nd the motion all approved motion was carried.   Committee was formed of Chuck, Amanda, Sheila, and Jessica.  Committee will meet and present what they have come up with at the next meeting.

IV.    Old Business

  1. a) Fun days- Would like to see more attendance next year and possible parade route change.  Becky will put a pole out on our Facebook page to see if we can get some read back on parade route.  Over all fun days had a lot going on and plenty for to do all day.  Was great to see so many vendors set up in the park.
  2. b) Wreath Fundraiser- fundraiser has started and wreaths can be picked up at the Security Center for $12.  Once wreath is decorate it will need to be returned to be auctioned off.  Wreaths with be auctioned off through silent auction along with a Facebook auction to be updated daily.   Proceeds will go to banners and Christmas decorations.
  3. c) Facebook feeds-Jessica has started a promotion to run monthly this will get more like on our page and more views so page does not fall to the bottom.  This last month was post a pic of your grandparents Jessica then randomly picked a winner for $10 in chamber Sheila made a motion to reimburse Jessica for her $10 to run the promotion and to run promotion monthly with business sponsors when available.  Missy 2nd all approved motion carried.  On Your Marks will sponsor Octobers post. 


V.    New business

  1. a) Spook Fest /  aka Fall Fest
  2. i) See list of activities with sponsors already lined up

Out Law Drag Race

Bike Races- 11 am

Cow Bingo

Trunk er Treat 1-3pm

Chili Cook off

Vendors- crafts and food

Costume Contest 4 pm

Street Dance

Bra Bust 6 pm

Corn Hole- to follow bike races

  1. ii) Other activities / ideas (Hay bale decorating, Hay Bale Races, Duck Races, Inflatables, etc)

Becky proposed changing the name to Spook Fest to help promote having Moonlight Madness and Fall Fun Fest together.  Shelby made the motion to approve the name change.  Missy 2nd all approved motion was carried.  Jessica passed out a temp poster so show what activities have already been signed up for.  Still looking for more activities to be picked up by sponsors.    Committee for Spook Fest is Shelby, Jessica, and Amanda

  1. B)            Historic 20 Route- Diana Robins presented an update on route and asked that we make a motion to update our chamber logo on the site.  Sheila made the motion, Chuck 2nd all approved and motion was carried.  Diana also mentioned there are items for purchase on the site.  
  2. C) Diana would also like mentioned that any non-profit group (no vendors selling for profit) is more than welcome to utilize the lot on the east side of north main street (the lot with the flowers and picnic table) during any main street events.

We don't have electricity available on the lot but if needed maybe electricity can be pulled in from a willing business on main street. 

VI.    Adjournment

  1. a) Next Meeting –  Monday October 21, 2019 – Noon  - Location to be announce.

Shelby made motion to adjourn meeting Missy 2nd all approved motion carried


2019 Meeting Dates and Places

*January 14 – Twisted Turtle

*February 11 – Yoba’s

March 19 – 

April 15 – Security First Center

May 20 – Golf Course

June 17 – Twisted Turtle

July 15 – 20 Bar

August 19 – Golf Course

September 16 – Security First Center

October 21 – Yoba’s

November – 20 Bar

December – Twisted Turtle


2019 Events

Easter Egg Hunt – April 20

BQ Cook-off – June 22

Fundays – August 30-Sept 2

Fun Fall Fest

Moonlight Madness

Holiday Lights/Christmas Festivities

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